Burnitrum is also building a launchpad on the Arbitrum network called Boostpad.
This launchpad will provide opportunities for new projects to boost community on early stage. Access to the launchpad airdrops will be granted to NFT (each project) holders who can also can earn $ARB rewards from the treasury in giveaways.
Our Degen Launchpad will enable entry into memecoins at a very early stage - below a $30k market cap. Every NFT holder will be able to decide whether they want to invest in a given project or not.
In addition to the airdrop, NFT holders will also have the opportunity to enter a given project at a very early stage - after adding liquidity.
As we believe that the most opportunities in the memecoin market will arise within the next 2 years on Arbitrum, we want to build a product that conducts Degen IDOs at least once a month.
What we offer for new projects that want to do their IDO (Initial Degen offering) with us?
  • Contract development
  • Tokenomics design
  • Website setup
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing strategy
  • Designs
  • Contacts with KOL's on Arbitrum
  • Social boost
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