Burnitrum NFTs

$BRB token will have even more use cases. NFTs will be available for purchase with $BRB tokens. In addition to the purchasing power of $BRB tokens, NFT holders on the platform will also be rewarded in giveaway ticket for $ARB treasury giveaway. NFT holder's benefits:
  • Airdrop from IDO projects
  • $ARB treasury giveaway ticket
  • Access to very early stage of IDO projects
(IDO = Initial Degen Offering)
Requirements to participate in the NFT giveaways and Boostpad whitelists - owning $BRB tokens:
  • Holding minimum of 2,5B $BRB tokens (2500000000 - 0,25% of total supply)
  • Held for no less than 7 days in a wallet.
Total income from NFTs mint will be used for Buyback & Burn of $BRB token.
Last modified 10mo ago